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Grey Water Tank Installation

To fit the available profile, I purchased a 11 Gallon RV Holding Tank | R-76H from Tank-Mart-Storage solutions. It is 41 inches long and 12 ½ inches wide, this will fit nicely between the gas tank and driver side. The max height of 7 inches keeps it tucked under the van nicely.

I purchased 4 tank straps 1”x36” x 1/15” part# 05-20400 made from 304 stainless steel from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. I also added about 8 foot of ANTI-CHAFE MOLDING part# 05-01800.

I took a day to bend the straps, install the rivnuts for mounting the straps and test fit for the location. Now I just need to route the drainpipes under the van. I have a shower and a sink on the same side of the van. They are located above the tank, so this shouldn’t be to difficult. The other goal here is to not have to drill a bunch of holes in the van. I used 1-1/2" Natural Uniseal (R) Pipe-to-Tank Seal adapters to provide entry into the water tank. The other thing was the p-traps, I used a Hepvo Waterless Waste Valves. The main reason was the shower didn’t have a lot of room; the sink would have probably been doable with a P-trap design.

The problem of course is mounting the tank and getting the drainpipe connected at the same time. The sink will be relatively simple, I can finish the plumbing after the tank is installed. The shower will be just a bit harder. Getting the downpipe through the Uniseal will be a challenge, as it will be a blind installation. Luckily after a few hours, a few choice words, I was able to align it and finish the lift with the floor jack.

The overflow and tank vent is part of the sink drain.

Ok, at least the under the van work is done. The shower drain is complete, I just need to finish the sink cabinet and then hook up that drain.

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