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Mosquito Netting

One of the big issues with open doors on our rigs, is the need for mosquito netting. I had a set for my E350 Sportsmobile, that I rarely used. But when I needed them, they came in handy. One problem with full height Transit is that the doors are big. The need is to keep the bugs out are even greater. There are several companies making them, but I settled on a company called TheBugwall.

I chose them because of their flexibility and options. The screens are designed to be permanently installed. but are zippered to enable one to roll out of the way. For the side door they have both a magnetic and zippered opening. That opening can also be offset in the door, for layouts that have a cabinet taking up part of the door.

The real selling point was the rear door screen, my current rig the bed goes to the back doors, there is nothing more annoying as unloading gear from the back door, and letting a bunch of bugs in. But beyond that and much more of an occurrence in the PNW is rain. While you can get a standard screen for the back door, I went with their Rear Garage Model. While intended for the popular bed over garage (storage) layout, it will still do nicely for my layout. It is custom made for you proposed bed height. This will allow you to grab gear under the bed, while still having some protection for the top of the bed.

After watching the video and seeing the difficulty of getting the molding back around the entry step. I decided to install the (side) screen earlier than I originally planned. My layout had a cabinet for the refrigerator that mounted on top of the steps, so I decided to install before I mounted the final cabinet. This made the process easier I’m sure, and it does roll up out of the way nicely.

Installation is little tougher than it looks, The Bug Wall provides a couple of videos installation on their website. I should have marked the top center of the molding, so I had a better reference once I started putting it back on. The clips they use to hold it on, go one relatively easy to put on, but you will have at least a few that are a pain in the ass to get on. A couple of other key things was once going down the sides, I found it easier to put the molding on, get it fitting correctly then pull off small section and add clips. Another thing is to hold the fabric all the way to the back because that is how far the molding will go on. I’ll let them be for a day or two make some adjustment before cutting off the access material. Pretty easy installation.

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