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Stove & Refrigerator Cabinet

I have had the refrigerator temporarily installed for a while; this allowed me to use the van as it went through stages of the build. The time had come to make something permanent, as it would ultimately hold the stove I was installing also. For a stove I chose a Furrion 17” 3 burner gas burner oven range.

This will give us a small oven, that I can envision making biscuits or scones on one of our winter Oregon coast trips. This was a tuff decision that took more input from the wife, as I enjoy baking in the Dutch Oven


This cabinet was one of the stronger ones I made, I used ¾ “or 18mm for the side. The back was bolted into the side of the Transit using existing threaded holes or new ones with rivnuts. I also used some L brackets to mount the cabinet through the floor. The countertop was the same wood block that I used for the sink cabinet. I did router out the back side a little bit to reduce some weight. This top would move forward and cover my garbage recycle center and refrigerator. I mounted the refrigerator facing forward. This allows access to the refrigerator from the outside the vehicle. I am sure I will hear how bad an idea this is as the door could open and unleash the insides. I had it temporally like this over a year, I hadn’t even installed a secondary latch and had no issues. I will probably install a strap system for use while driving. I decided to put some rivnuts on the sides of the refrigerator, these would allow me to a solid mount of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is a TruckFridge TF130DC unit. I have a separate compressor speed control and digital thermostat, the Guardian by Coastal Climate Control. Along with that thermostat, I have added a control board called the Merlin II. This board controls the rpm that the compressor is running, it has a ramp on sequence at start up, it will try to run the unit at the lowest possible RPM. The merlin II will also provide a fault blink indicator if something goes wrong with the Danfoss/Secop compressor unit.

The Thermostat unit is no longer available but the replacement is a Coastal MK3 Digital Thermostat.

While the control has a built in displayable thermocouple inside the unit I also added a rUUVi Bluetooth temperature sensor inside the unit.

This allows me to monitor the inside temp of the refrigerator via my Victron Cerbo GX. I also use a separate Victron Smartshunt to monitor the power for just the refrigerator. The Smartshunt is primarily used as a battery monitor, but can be used just to monitor loads , especially with the Cerbo. It is one of my hopes that Victron develops some smaller more economical smart shunts. This allows me to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and power usage along with other variables in the van.

This is a nice reasonably temperature day, as the temperature gets higher the duty cycle of the refrigerator power changes.


This is where we lose control of the refrigerator, as temperatures go above 100°F the compressor is at full speed but not able to keep the temperature at set point.

I recessed the cabinet a little bit, as I did not want the knobs protruding much. The stove comes with a glass panel cover that is used as a back splash when in use. It doesn’t rattle to much while in travel, but I usually still deploy a towel underneath to prevent.

The stove takes a 12 volt hook up to power the oven light and knobs. Also, as a safety feature if a valve is on, it turns red.

Add a place for garbage

Now to the propane install.

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