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Adding a Dometic 9500 Power Awning

I decided to go with Dometic for my awning and went with the full power version to boot. One of the big reasons for the 9500, no legs. The awning does not need the corner legs like the Fiamma and others. Also, because it is power it can automatically retract when the wind picks up. One of the other things I liked about the Dometic, is that mounting bracket was one full length piece. The Fiamma mounting brackets for the Transit are two pieces. I coated the back of it in flex seal before mounting.

Before I decided to install the mounting plate, I put protective VViViD 3M Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection Vinyl Film over the expected install area.

I was able to use some string to hold up the bracket on the side of the van.

This allowed me to position the awning, before committing to drilling holes.

Also, because the van has some curves, I needed to shim the awning on the back end and front end. Luckily for me I had adapter for another air conditioner, that I did not use when I changed brands. So, I made some shims out of that material instead of shimming with washers. I also made some backing plates out of leftover starboard for the bolts on the inside of the van.

The mounting plate was attached to the van wall using my backing plates, both the back and front ends of the plate had some shims.

With help (a two-person job) I was able to get the awning mounted on the bracket and secured with the mounting screws.

After that it was drill a hole for wire access, and then wire it up. At this time do not have a house battery installed so I hooked up temporary power from the CCP1 power connection. I decided to not cover the entire entry way of the side door, only because that would make the awning stick out even more on the front end.


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