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Adding a roof top air-conditioner

I decided to put a roof top air conditioner on this rig, and ended up purchasing a Houghton low profile 13.5K quiet from RecPro This is the same air conditioner used on many Advanced RV rigs. So I figured it would be fine for my rig. I also again purchased the roof adapter from I had some issue on ordering both the adapter and the unit. The unit showed up missing some crucial installation parts, and I ran into some issues getting the adapter. In the end both companies made everything good, so I can't really complain. In fact the way they handled the issues showed me that they were both stand up companies. Sometime stuff happens, it is how you react that makes the difference.

As I was planning the position of the air conditioner, I made card board cut outs to check install location and future solar panel locations.

The installation of the adapter was pretty much like the fan installs, I had it installed on the roof and let everything setup overnight. (I unfortunately deleted the pictures of the adapter installed.)

The next big thing was to get the almost 100 lbs. air conditioner on top of the van. I rented a material lift from home depot. It can extend 12 feet and is rated for 450 lbs.

After getting it up in the air I used 2x1's to transition from lift to roof top.

The boards fit nicely lift rack, after a few pucker moments the air conditioner was slid over onto the top of the van.

and finally the air conditioner is on the top.

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