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Installing the floor

Now that the big holes are cut in the van, I thought I would start the floor. I pretty much followed with some minor changes.

The first step was applying POR-15 to the floor. Two coats of base and a topcoat.

Next, I moved to the first layer of minicell. I purchased my minicell at the I got the 3/8 or .375 in to fill the corrugations.

I followed this up with a layer of 3M Thinsulate (TM) TAI 1547 that I purchased from

After that I moved on to another layer of 1/4 or .25 of minicell.

After that I went with a 3/4 inch of Owens Corning FOAMULAR 250 XPS Insulation Board.

The next step was gluing the seams of the FOAMULAR 25 and glue down the 12mm layer of marine plywood (Okume), for both of those task I used Loctite® PL® 300. The plywood had been previously sealed with Seal-Once. I used pocket hole, and biscuits to join the plywood. Those were sealed up and sanded down.

The next day I glued down the actual flooring. I chose a Lonseal® Lonspeck Topseal as the flooring choice.

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