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Insulating the Transit Front Doors

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Time to add some insulation to the doors. I am using Thinsulate™ SM600L in the rest of the van, so I thought I would use the same to do the doors. Good reference videos can be found at Transit Door Insulation and Transit Door Removal . We start out with the door removal; this is another area when a set of automotive trim removal tools are extremely helpful.

You will have to pry off the covers to access fastener locations.

The bottom screws don’t have covers.

Using a 7mm nut driver, along with T20 & T20 screwdriver to remove the screws. After that it is time to pry off the panel. Be careful as you will still have to remove the electrical and door handle connections. Now with the panel off, I lay it down on top on some Thinsulate ™ SM600L and trace the panel.

The Thinsulate cuts very easily, I used a pair of Milwaukee Jobsite straight scissors .After cutting out the piece it is time to put it in the panel.

I then work the thinsulate onto the back panel, you will have cut out locations for the pins and mounting clips.

In the end it will look something like this.

Note: in the above picture there was one piece that I forgot to trim out, that was the speaker location. It would have been nice if I noticed that before I reinstalled it. The reinstallation procedure is pretty much the reverse of the removal. You need to take care in get the electrical connections done, and then line up the connections.

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