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Window Coverings

My artic tern windows have built in window shades, so I am pretty much covered there. That leaves the windshield (huge) and the driver and passenger side windows to be covered. There are a lot of choices and I landed on a company call Nightfall Overland. They carried a full line for the Transit and had colors that I was looking for. You can get a choice of white (reflective) or if you want to go in stealth mode you can get black.

The big one to install is the front windshield. It is best done with two people, and I find it easier to do it before I spin the seats around. It has suction cups to help hold it up.

The next thing is to install the passenger and driver side shades. These have magnets in them and are easy to install. Here they are in their storage bag on the Vancillary shelf.

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